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Current postdoc projects

The first project deals with the notion of place in Keats’s poetry. Two articles on the subject, "Keats, Ecocriticism and the Poetics of Place" (Studies in Romanticism) and ”Keats and The Non-Place of Eros: On the Logic of Flowers and Bees” (Romantik. Journal for the Study of Romanticisms), await publication in 2017.

The second analyses the (re-)conceptualization of literary intellectual labour within the Scandinavian welfare state during the period 1946–2013. Examining in particular the implications of state-support in regard to the literary practice, the project outlines the way in which the idea of literary "labour" is motivated and legitimatized in cultural policies, public debates, and, not least, by authors themselves. Claiming that the author function cannot be separated from the logic of the state-endorsed literary system, the project describes how this paradigm is made meaningful, and how it has affected the understanding of literary intellectual labour.



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