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Sektionsföreståndare, Yiddish

I am a Reader/Associate Professor in Arabic and a scholar of Semitic languages with focus on linguistics. I am also Head of Section five at the Centre for Languages and Linguistics. I have taught Arabic both in Sweden (Lund and Uppsala universities)and as head teacher, teacher trainer and Head of Department for Modern Standard Arabic at a language school in the UAE and Oman (2002-2010). I teach grammar and text analysis at all levels, as well as oral and written communication skills.
I am genuinely interested in didactics and course development. I am involved in creating a digital language lab at the department and in developing our BA courses.
Besides teaching, I have been employed for many years as a researcher (Lund/Uppsala)on various projects. My current research focus is on Arabic dialect syntax. Most of my research, both in dialectological studies and in other parts of Semitic studies, is corpus based and within the realm of typological syntactic studies.



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  • Head of Section at Arabic Studies, Central and Eastern European Studies, Chinese Studies, European Studies, Hebrew, Japanese Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Russian Studies and Yiddish
  • Chairperson, Board of Section 5, Centre for Languages and Literature
  • Member, The Board, Centre for Languages and Literature

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Maria Persson

Arabic Studies
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Centre for Languages and Literature

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