Centre for Languages and Literature

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Student offices

The Centre for Languages and Literature’s subjects are divided between five different undergraduate studies boards and each one has its own course administrator, who, among other things, administers LADOK records, such as registration and grades.

Katherine Anderson Ahlstedt, Administration, English Studies

Leave of absence

Gunilla Ek Werner, Administration, General Linguistics, Danish, Phonetics, Icelandic, Cognitive Semiotics, Swedish, Swedish as Second Language, Swedish as a Foreign Language

+46 46 222 87 10

Robert Ekdahl, Administration, Children's Literature, Film Studies, Creative Writing Program, Comparative Literature, Theory and Practice of Theatre

+46  222 84 60

Magnus Göransson, Administration, Danish, Icelandic, Swedish, Swedish as Second Language, Swedish as a Foreign Language

+46 46 222 87 11

Susan Hydén, Administration, European Studies

+46 46 222 77 66

Cecilia L Johansson, Administration, French Studies, Greek (Ancient and Byzantine), Greek (Modern Greek), Italian Studies, Latin, Romanian Studies, Spanish Studies

+46 46 222 88 05

Liliete Martins, Administration, Arabic Studies, Hebrew, Yiddish, Middle Eastern Studies, Russian Studies, Central and Eastern European Studies

+46 46 222 84 50

Frida Mebius Önnerfors, Administration, English Studies

+46 46 222 75 50

Therése Otto Koglin, Administration, European Studies

Leave of absence

Marcus Tegler, Administration, Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, German

+46 46 222 94 83