Centre for Languages and Literature

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Where can I print?

You can print in the computerlabs (B054, B210) and the writing studio (B314). The prints will be on the printer in the library. You can also print from the computers in the library. The prints will come on the copier/printer on the same floor as the computer. If someone is copying, your print out come afterwards. Remember to log in to the printer with your STiL-identity and password and then select the document your would like to print out. If not printed, the print job will be deleted during the night.

How do I do?

You do as usual. Select print in "Arkiv"-menu or press a symbol in the toolbar. Then you can select number of copies and if you only want to print certain pages. Select print from the file menu or press the symbol in the toolbar. Don't double click the symbol or you get TWO printouts.

How much does it cost?

Every page costs 50 öre, double sided 1 Swedish crowns. You can print until you account is empty. If you account holds 2.50 Swedish crowns and you print a document with 10 pages will 5 pages be printed (5 x 0.50 = 2.50) and the rest will just be ignored.

How do I pay for the prints?

On weekday between 8.00 and 17.00 can you fill your account at the reception desk. The smallest amount they will accept is 25 swedish crowns. After 17.00 and on saturdays can you fill you account at the library desk. The first time you log in on the terminals a printing account with 0 crowns on it will be created automatically and then you can go and deposit money into the account.

How much money do I have on my account?

You deposit money with your credit card (WebPay). Minimum deposit is 50 Swedish crons. We have changed the system to PayEx: https://wallit.payex.com.