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Information for new students

Welcome to Centre for Languages and Literature!


  1. Activate your Student Account at https://passport.lu.se
  2. Register for the programme/course at the Student Portal (or at the student office for your subject).
  3. Participate in the introductory meeting.

1. Student Account

The Student Account is a ‘key’ to many online information functions for students and is needed, among other things, to use the computers in the library and computer room, to check your credits and grades online and to access licensed electronic literature. The account is created upon admission, and information is sent home to students (to the e-mail address found at Universityadmissions.se). Please note, however, that if you apply late for a course your Student account will also be late.

This semester we have unfortunately had some problems related to outgoing e-mails, and the information about the account has been delayed.

Activate your account at https://passport.lu.se. Turn to Servicedeskluse if you need help.

2. Register for the course

If you cannot register for the course/programme at the Student Portalen, please turn to the Student Office for assistance.

3. Introductory meeting

Find the time and place for your course at the course's home page. If you do not register and come to the introductory meeting, you may lose your place and it may be offered to another student.

Course home page

On the course's home page you can find schedule and list of literature.

Decline your offer

You can cancel your admission for courses you’re not yet registered for on your pages at www.universityadmissions.se.

Are you on the waitinglist?

We will contact you as soon as we can offer you a place in the course.